Reviews of recent performances:
Premiere of Causerie by Sequitur, Merkin Concert Hall, NYC

      "Daniel Koontz scored his
Causerie (2005) for the unusual
combination of piano, accordion, guitar and percussion, and gave
each player fragmentary, pointillistic lines that yield appealingly
tactile textures.  The scoring is light and delicate at first, but
Mr. Koontz gradually increases the weight and density of each
instrument's line so that eventually the individual contributions merge
into an explosive whole"

                      Allan Kozinn,
The New York Times
                      April 18, 2007
Improvements for Piano, MATA Festival, Brooklyn Lyceum
Brooklyn, NY
Simon Docking, piano

      "The pianist Simon Docking mastered six of Daniel Koontz's
12 Improvements for Piano, a series of treacherous, headlong tumbles
and a charmingly nostalgic waltz."

                      Steve Smith,
The New York Times
March 22, 2007
Premiere of The Life of Towns by the Choral Society of the Hamptons
July 10, 2004

      "I was stunned into silence at the end of the work....And while
the appeal of Mr. Koontz's music may not be explicable, in that sense
it is like the poems themselves.  After all, a poem does not have to
mean, but be."

                      David Swickard,
The East Hampton Star
                      July 15, 2004